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Alcohol Free Spirits

As a young boy, Arkay founder’ Reynald who grew up in Avignon, France, used to tend lambs in pastures covered with lavender, vineyard and lily de Provence.
The blend of fresh, light aroma etched his soul.

est. 2011

Our History


wine culture was growing and it was still a foregone conclusion that everyone was drinking alcohol. This was when Reynald Grattagliano introduced ArKay, the first ever alcohol-free spirit alternative to the world. In the US his product was met with ridicule and resistance. Why? Because it had never been considered, “Alcohol-Free Whisky?” No one would have thought that could be possible and new ideas are always met with resistance. 

ArKay, having survived those early days through the passion and determination of Reynald Grattagliano, is able to see the fruits of its labor even though the idea that was almost a decade ahead of its time.


“we’re hearing customers ask for alcohol-free options everywhere and juices and sodas no longer cut it.” expressed local bartender Bill Georges. “Wanting an alcohol-free option doesn’t mean they want a juice box, nor does it mean they have a problem with alcohol.

It means they want something with all the flavor and complexity of a traditional alcoholic beverage and want to stay sober.”

“With this alcohol-free spirit collection, I see myself as a kid again. This is my chance to give a piece of myself to people…a piece of my soul to their souls”

Reynald Vito G.

Arkay Founder

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